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Kobiton Appium Certified Developer

Kobiton Appium Certified Developers possess exceptional Appium script development skills. Holders of this certification demonstrate to employers that they are able to utilize Appium in the most complex of environments to build automated test scripts on a variety of mobile devices. Further, Kobiton Appium Certified Developers are able to leverage the Kobiton platform to scale automation testing across hundreds of real devices.

Online exam
60 questions | 75 minutes | 75% passing score requirement
$200 USD
Free for a limited time

Prerequisites: Very strong Appium scripting skills, Knowledge of incorporating real-device testing, Utilizing the Kobiton platform to incorporate real-devices into your testing and analyzing session logs.

Kobiton Certified Architect
(Coming Soon)

Building on the Kobiton Appium Certified Developer certification, the Kobiton Certified Architect demonstrates your ability to harness automation testing at-scale in large, distributed environments. Your in-depth experience on the Kobiton platform allows you to build global hybrid testing clouds consisting of local on-premises devices, private devices and shared devices, along with integration into DevOps pipelines.

Online exam and Practical component (Lab exercise)
30 questions | 90 minutes
$350 USD

Prerequisites: Only Kobiton Appium Certified Developers are eligible to take the Kobiton Certified Architect exam. Additionally, you will need to demonstrate your ability to deploy a distributed hybrid test cloud and incorporate your automation tests into a DevOps pipeline through a simulated lab exercise.

Benefits of Kobiton Certifications

Demonstrates your expertise

Employers can be assured that you possess exceptional Appium scripting skills and are a leader in deploying test automation on mobile, at scale.

Licensing Discounts

Organizations with 3 or more certified Kobiton employees receive a credit towards all quoted licensing fees.

Exclusive Access

Holders of the Kobiton certification get early access to beta features, access to a private slack room for dedicated access to Kobiton engineers and some cool swag!

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