Continuous Mobile Testing

Continuous Testing on Mobile is used to be extremely difficult.

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Traditional mobile continuous testing challenges

Digital acceleration needs to happen throughout the organization and throughout the software development lifecycle. And while continuous testing is key to enabling accelerated software delivery with high quality, it hasn’t been easy to bring mobile testing under the continuous testing umbrella. Until now, that is.

Scripting complexity

Your continuous testing pipeline is only as good as the scripts you feed it. And creating automation scripts isn’t exactly easy. A recent industry survey shows it takes between 8-40 hours to write a single test script!

Fragile tests

Appium scripts love to break. Element Locators mysteriously change across device types, and updating scripts everytime your app changes is time consuming. In fact, organizations polled show that they spend on average 24 hours fixing each script with every app release!

Real-device testing

Deploying Continuous Testing on emulators and simulators isn’t effective. Yet, incorporating real-devices into the automated testing process seems unnecessarily complicated. Most solutions simply fall apart when device testing coverage is needed.

Kobiton makes Continuous Testing Effortless.

The Benefits of Continuous Testing With Kobiton:

Rapid creation of automated tests

Successful implementation of continuous testing means integrating tests throughout your deployment pipeline. Kobiton’s Intelligent Test Automation lets you rapidly create DevOps ready automated test scripts by simply executing a manual test. Your test scripts can be instantly updated with new app features without requiring tedious scripting with Kobiton’s continuous testing tools.

Putting an end to flaky tests

Test scripts are constantly breaking. Either your app changed or the test that worked on one mobile device doesn’t work on another device. The result? Countless wasted hours updating test scripts. Kobiton’s industry-first Appium Anywhere technology puts an end to flaky test scripts ensuring your test runs the same on every device.

And our human-in-the-loop allows quick remediation of app functionality changes to effortlessly update your test scripts.

Test results as experienced by your users on real-devices

Real continuous testing also means continuous deployment. On real devices. You need to know instantly if your latest app release will work as intended and as expected on all the devices used by your customer base. Instantly detect app crashes, performance issues or UI rendering issues with instant results.

Plug and Play integration to your favorite DevOps platform

Test scripts? Check. Real devices? Check. Deployment into your preferred DevOps platform? Absolutely.

Enjoy seamless integration into all the major CI/CD platforms, along with automatic JIRA ticket creation containing full video of the test failures on specific devices.

Getting started with visual testing is quick and easy

Start delivering a better mobile experience and make your app better everywhere!