When it comes to app
abandonment, milliseconds matter

Optimize every aspect of your mobile app’s performance.


70% of app abandonment is due to pages taking too much time to load.

Don’t be part of that 70%.

Kobiton performance testing

Test performance, battery and memory usage of your app across all devices and detect outliers.

The sweet smell of speed

Fickle users, lots of devices.

Users love snappy mobile apps. Anything less and you may just get that 1 star review in the app store. The problem is that CPU performance, memory usage and battery performance all varies from device to device. Kobiton performance testing lets you instantly test performance issues across hundreds of devices and shows you the areas that warrant a closer look.

We’ll show you what matters

All the performance data you need. None that you don’t want.

Performance data can be overwhelming, especially when multiplied across 300 devices. Kobiton shows you EXACTLY what you need to quickly hone in on an issue and share details with developers to quickly resolve it.

It works gReat on our test device, what happened?

Outlier detection. Because it’s the anomalies that matter most.

There’s often a culprit…and errant piece of code…that causes a memory spike or cpu spike on a specific device and operating system combination. It’s these anomolies that you want to catch before you app is released into the wild. Kobiton’s AI Engine is quietly working in the background to catch these outliers on your behalf. You’re most welcome…we love snappy apps too!

Getting started with visual testing is quick and easy

Start delivering a better mobile experience and make your app better everywhere!