Manual and Automated
Testing on Real Devices

Access hundreds of iOS and Android devices with speed that smokes the competition.

Kobiton Real device testing

You know you have to test on real devices.

But traditional device testing is costly, and frustratingly slow.

Kobiton Real device testing

At Kobiton, we took a
different approach

Kobiton lets you access hundreds of real devices in the cloud with performance that mimics having the device in-hand. No complicated set-up procedures to slow you down, and with a slew of features to make testers globally more efficient and effective. In fact, you could launch a device in the time it took you to read this paragraph.

Highly Responsive

Natural Gestures

Kobiton’s real device testing platform lets you perform all the gestures you need to test on a real device. Tap, swipe, and scroll on a cloud device, simply and naturally.

And our best in class performance and responsiveness allows you to test as if the device is in hand.

Rich Test Logs

Root Cause Analysis

Whether running manual or automated tests, Kobiton captures detailed logs including full video, screenshots, gestures performed and system metrics such as memory and battery performance.

With Kobiton’s manual and automated mobile testing tools, easily replay scenarios to replicate issues and do true root cause analysis.

Parallel Sessions

Manual and Automated Testing

Enjoy the efficiency of parallel execution of your test scripts. Perfect for quick integration into your CI/CD process and near-instant results.

Whether you’re doing manual, automated, functional or performance testing, Kobiton has you covered

Remote Debugging

ADB Debugging

Easily access cloud (or local) devices directly from your developer workstation and enjoy native access to devices directly from within your IDE.

ADB Remote Debugging adds a whole new level of real device testing control to help you ship quality apps even faster!

Seamlessly fits into your workflow

Integration with all your favorite tools

Get 5 stars

Need more control?

Manage all your on-premises and cloud devices with Device Lab Management

Tame mobile device management complexity with Kobiton. Finally, combine your local on-premise devices and cloud devices, with one centralized management interface and shared testing activity

Learn more about Device Lab Management

And a whole lot more

Supports multiple frameworks

Appium, Selenium, XCUI, Espresso…

Open standard framework support means your script investment is protected. Enjoy mobile web and native app testing in the cloud or on-premises.

Secure Connections

Flexible but Secure

Utilize a VPN or secure connection from your private Kobiton cloud back to your on-premises data for the utmost in flexibility

Commercial scalability

Don’t get priced out as you grow

Some solutions look compelling from a pricing perspective but quickly become cost prohibitive as you try to scale. At Kobiton, you don’t pay for parallel sessions or for adding more users to the platform. We think that’s a far more transparent approach.

Getting started with visual testing is quick and easy

Start delivering a better mobile experience and make your app better everywhere!