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Kobiton Scriptless testing

Let’s face it. Automation on mobile is difficult.

You can’t rely on coordinates or xpaths to make this work. Yet, so many automation products do, resulting in flaky test scripts.

Kobiton Scriptless testing

But we’ve solved that problem.

Kobiton’s scriptless test automation makes automation testing accessible and scalable to teams of all sizes with codeless test automation. Automatically create test scripts by converting manual test sessions into scripts that can be executed on over 350 real-devices. It’s like Appium. Only Faster.

Automation made easy

It starts with a manual test

Simply test your app as you normally would, with no restrictions. Scroll, swipe, pinch, data entry…Kobiton understands it all.

Our AI kicks in

The collective knowledge of millions of tests are then applied

Kobiton leverages the latest in AI and our tens of millions of tests to see exactly which elements are being interacted with. From here, generate open standard Appium scripts that actually work on ALL devices, or keep on going to automate your testing further.

Quality across the board

Finally, our rich assertion library simplifies testing

Your manual test can now be executed on hundreds of devices without flake, and you’ll get automatic notifications of crashes, visual anomalies, or performance issues.

Crash Detected
CPU Spikes
Visual Difference

Next Best Action

Get actionable next steps with our recommendation engine.

Identifying issues is one thing, resolving them effectively and efficiently is another! Let our recommendation engine suggest the next best action to resolve test failures so you can get back to testing. Powered and backed by millions of datasets and our extensive experience managing real-devices, let our AI assist you with our Recommendation Engine!

Root Cause Analysis

Get test insights like never before

Running tests is one thing. Actually finding issues and doing root cause analysis is another. Our Session Explorer lets you hone in on issues FAST, without spending hours looking at log files and videos. Another industry first!

But wait, there’s more…

We like a little competition

Use Kobiton scriptless on our devices, your devices and even their devices.

Nobody should be held back from their automation initiatives. Enjoy everything our scriptless test automation solution offers by using it on our massive array of devices, the devices you already have in-house and even on other device providers such as SauceLabs and Headspin.

It’s always your code

We hope you stay with us, but that should be your choice.

You’ll never face the dreaded vendor lock-in with Kobiton. Your scriptless tests can exported as standard Appium scripts for you to do with as you please. Of course, we’ll work had to make you fall in love with our features.

Not your uncle’s scriptless solution

Enjoy dynamic data in all your tests

Use Kobiton Data Driven Testing for a seamless, scriptless, and powerful way to parameterize your tests. Instead of having to run and re-run tests, or tinker with scripted assertions, Use Kobiton DDT to easily add in data and parameters for seamless execution and optimal test coverage.

Tests that just work

Zero Flake.

Every Appium developer has encountered the dreaded “NoSuchElement” exception. With Kobiton’s AI engine NOVA, we’ll automatically adapt for different xpaths so your scripts can run unhindered. That’s a major step forward for testing platforms.



Even the best AI can occasionally get stumped. That’s why we let you remediate issues and resolve blockers as they come up. And the best part? Kobiton learns what your desired outcome is and ensures it doesn’t get stumped the second time around. The more you test, the better it gets!

Mobile quality


Delivering a 5-star app requires extensive functional testing, exceptional performance and a pixel perfect UI across all devices. One scriptless test can test for all of these, and more, across as many devices as you can throw at it.

Getting started with visual testing is quick and easy

Start delivering a better mobile experience and make your app better everywhere!