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Having needed to locate a mobile testing platform, I ran across Kobiton. With researching and having used other companies in the past, I found Kobiton’s solution to provide the features, speed and access to all the devices I need.  All of this at a great price and with superior customer support.

Shawn Fitzerald
SF Software Design

Before Kobiton we were constantly buying new phones and only the folks in our office could use them. Now, my developer and quality control person can both use the platform to test our apps before we send them to the customer. So much more efficient

Katie Bruno

Kobiton is an awesome tool. Insanely convenient due to all the logs it has (video, screenshots, actions log) and since they are physical devices the findings are reliable unlike emulators.

Jan Acosta

So far we are very comfortable with Kobiton. The support is very timely and they serve us very well. The service is excellent!

Jaime Andres Ruiz Yepes

We use Kobiton because of its affordable pricing and ease of use. The wide array of devices they offer makes it a one-stop shop for mobile and tablet testing. I don't know how we managed without Kobiton but the fact this solution exists means we don't need to worry about buying and upgrading devices as technology evolves. This in itself is a competitive advantage which our clients both value and appreciate.

Chris Maxwell

We’re a small tech company and being able to have access to a wide array devices has meant a great deal to us. Our Devs and QA members need access to devices that our clients use and as we’ve expanded that device list has grown immensely. Thanks to Kobiton, we don’t have to purchase each device our clients decide to pick up.  We’re currently moving into automating our App testing and as we do, we look forward to increasing our connection with Kobiton. Keep up the great work!!

Zac Lane

I was tasked, without any significant expertise in Java, to determine whether automation could work in our situation.  As we began a relationship with Kobiton, they identified a need that exactly described us, for clients who do not have in-house Java programming expertise, yet need to provide automated testing support to our projects.  They patiently encouraged me as I sought to understand the environment I needed to set up locally, and guided me in how to use the artifacts they provided for us to run locally.  They patiently explained the errors I was getting so that I could understand what was happening in my testing. I feel I'm finally beginning to "get it" as concerns how the projects are organized, and how I can better prepare tests for success.

Bob buford

With an abundance of floating hardware split amongst various business units, we needed a way to centralize devices in order to reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity. Kobiton did just that, making us more efficient and allowing us to build a better product for our users.

Brian Baumgartner

Undergoing a PoC with Kobition I was able to witness the outmost professionalism from all the individuals that I dealt with in the various units within the organization. Needless to say, if I had to pick one aspect at Kobiton where they really stand out, it would definitely be their customer support, who worked vigorously to curate the service to our needs. Their responsiveness, root cause analysis and reaction time was simply remarkable.

Ahmed Soliman

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