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IPhone 11
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Kobiton Visual testing

Ensure your app
looks as intended across all device types.

Kobiton Visual testing

Test your mobile UI
AND your UX. An industry first.

Visual Testing that’s optimized for mobile.

Make sure everything looks right with the industry’s best Visual Testing

Simply put, Kobiton can do what no other vendor can with automated Visual Validation that’s built for mobile. With the click of a button, your scriptless test will capture the visual discrepancies between your application or mobile website’s visual output across different devices.

Move beyond the UI and test the UX

We’ll even tell you what beautiful is

We’ve gone beyond UI testing by capturing the essence of what makes an app beautiful. By analyzing the top 50 apps, we can compare your app to recommended best practices. It’s like having the world’s best UX teams at your disposable.

It’s like rocket science but it isn’t.

Visually test your app by the end of the day.

It’s easy to be a #QAHERO with Kobiton. Upload your app, run a manual test and let Kobiton do the rest. Self-healing, support for human-in-the-loop and a slew of AI goodness will bring a smile to your face and let you go home earlier.

Getting started with visual testing is quick and easy

Start delivering a better mobile experience and make your app better everywhere!